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Over the years, we have developed special seminar packages for European yoga institutes, providing a revealing insight into the spiritual and philosophical heritage of the Indian tradition. The participants in our many group tours also appreciate our entertaining and informative introductions to Indian culture and mythology, opening up a deeper dimension to the travel experience.

The cultural highlights and attractions of each tour are carefully selected and integrated in the itinerary in a meaningful way. We feel that India should be experienced gradually rather than as a series of attractions to be “ticked off” a list. We advise against overloaded tour programs and recommend setting aside plenty of time in the travel plan for assimilating the impressions you gather along the way.

Our qualified travel team members are from India and other countries. This is highly appreciated by our clients from all over the world, since it enables us to empathize with various culturally determined needs and communicate in several languages.

Our comprehensive service, aimed at creating a thoroughly harmonious travel experience, includes the creation of an optimal tour itinerary and the necessary transport and hotel arrangements. Moreover, when necessary, we provide experienced travel guides, teachers or yoga instructors who can communicate in the desired language. Naturally, we take into consideration your specific requests with regard to hotel class and / or transport mode.

For brief descriptions of popular tours, go to the “India” section and click on any of the regions listed on the left.

Auroville, where we are based, was founded in 1968 and is supported by the Indian Government and endorsed by UNESCO. For more information, please visit the Auroville community and the Auroville Foundation.

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