Travelling in India

Traveling in India is a wonderful and unique adventure, leading you into an excitingly different world, filled with intense sensations and expressive moments in which the hidden essence of the subcontinent reveals itself in its many facets. Traveling in India is to be in a world of opposites, to be between holy cows and wandering monks, next to proud desert camels and festive processions, amidst impressive landscapes, quiet villages and vibrant metropolitan areas, under the smiling eyes of many-armed gods and facing majestic temple towers.

Experience the land where the Buddha lived and taught, where wise men, since time immemorial, have sought to experience the eternal, the land that yoga, Ayurveda and spirituality call home. India presents itself as one of the oldest multi-dimensional cultures in the world and surprises as an emerging nation which – in a balancing act between modernity and tradition – offers travelers a vast number of varied and truly worthwhile attractions from its rich history and eclectic cultural heritage.

Discover the grandiose Dravidian temple complexes of Tamil Nadu, the wonderful palaces and expressive monuments of Rajasthan, the magnificent national parks with their tigers and elephants, the timeless world of Kerala’s backwaters and the relaxing beaches of Goa. Experience how, day by day, you grow more immersed in the overwhelming flow of life in India, and enjoy its special presence, always the same and yet ever-changing. India will affect you deeply and leave you with a treasure trove of unforgettable insights and memories.

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