Seminars in Auroville

Inside India offers groups and individual travelers a wide range of seminars, lectures, workshops and other study programs that enrich the visitor’s stay in Auroville with interesting insights. The programs include introductions to various aspects and activities of the Auroville community, the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the core themes of Indian spirituality. Aurovilian experts lead you through the various aspects based on their own living experience and understanding.

Below is an overview of our services. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information. We would be happy to further tailor our program to your specific needs and ideas. The programs are usually presented in English. For groups, we can also offer the seminars in another language, as per your requirement.

Optionally, themes revolving around Indian tradition can be integrated as a further accompaniment to the South India tours, opening up a deeper dimension to the travel experience – especially for yoga tours, study tours and spiritually oriented groups.

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Introductions to Auroville and Integral Yoga
Many visitors to Auroville find their stay a stimulating experience and want to establish a deeper connection. For this purpose, we offer several introductory programs that explore relevant Auroville themes and help to experience the Auroville project from a broader perspective.

A. Interactive presentations
From mid-December to the end of February, there are regular interactive introductions, four mornings a week, which we consider our free service for Auroville guests. They provide insight into various aspects of the community and serve to nurture a deeper understanding of the complexity and vision of the Auroville project. They often also contribute to an increased involvement in a work activity of the community.
The topics presented include:
• Vision and concept of Auroville
• Education in Auroville
• Economics and organization
• Urban planning and architecture
• Environmental restoration and reforestation

B. Day seminars about the spiritual background of Auroville
From a spiritual perspective, the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is the guiding principle for Auroville, a path of yoga that strives to develop a new consciousness, connecting the material and spiritual planes to form a unity. From December to March, we offer day seminars once or twice a month on “Integral Yoga and Auroville” to help Auroville guests connect with the spiritual dimensions of the place. They provide a structured introduction to the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and show its relevance to life in Auroville. On request, we also do these seminars for groups that are interested in a deeper connection with the Auroville project.

C. Multi-day Auroville introductions (5 or 10 days)
On request, especially for groups, we offer multi-day Auroville introductions that allow for a representative overview of the many aspects of the Auroville project. The programs are looked after by Aurovilians and represent a diverse mix of sightseeing, introductions, conversations, lectures and opportunities to interact with Aurovilians. They provide insights into the ideals and the reality of life in Auroville and present different fields of activity in the community. Workshops on the spiritual background of Auroville are an integral part of this and, on request, a trip can be made to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry. In a 5-day program, we can introduce you to many different and interesting aspects of Auroville. If you want a more comprehensive overview that presents the project in a wider perspective, we recommend that you opt for our 10-day Auroville program. Many visiting groups combine an Auroville introduction with a subsequent tour around Tamil Nadu.

D. Thematic study programs and on-site visits
As Auroville has developed an acknowledged level of expertise in many areas of work, we are asked by various projects and institutions to organize special presentations and visits in specific areas of interest for their participants, students or educational programs. These thematic day tours, which we conduct for groups as well as individuals, can cover a number of possible areas, such as architecture, renewable energy, community development services, social work, reforestation, soil regeneration, organic farming and environmental restoration. Please contact us if you need our assistance in this regard.

E. Seminars for spiritually oriented group tours and yoga tours
A special highlight for yoga groups, study tours and other spiritually oriented group tours are our well-researched introductory seminars on Indian mythology and spirituality. They provide a touching insight into Indian tradition and open one’s travel experience to a deeper dimension. We also offer a wide spectrum of possible topics in this area, and our expert consultants are most happy to tailor the program to your specific interests. The seminars can be held in Auroville or integrated in the itinerary of a tour through South India. For several years, we have been conducting seminar tours for European yoga institutes who want to explore the spiritual and philosophical heritage of the Indian tradition for their yoga students or their training programs through a direct contact with the country where yoga originated.

Popular seminar topics are:
• Hinduism and Indian mythology
• Vedic spirituality
• The wisdom of the Upanishads
• The great paths of yoga of the Bhagavad Gita
• The importance of Shakti in Indian tradition
• The great epochs of Indian spirituality
• Mahabharata and Ramayana: The Indian Epics
• Introduction to Vedanta
• World-embracing paths in yoga
• Insights into the Samkhya philosophy
• Integral Yoga compared to traditional spirituality


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