Coconut Bay Beach Resort

The Coconut Bay Beach Resort is located in the South Indian state of Kerala, 6 km south of the famous Kovalam Beach, and just 21 km from the state capital Trivandrum. A pleasant 40-minute drive from the airport brings guests into the lush palm groves of the resort.

Coconut Bay offers 22 comfortable deluxe villas and five beach rooms, all of them with a unique sea view and comfortable furnishings. Room service is available 24×7. Access to the private beach of the hotel is located just 25 meters from the premises. With its fine sand and natural dunes, the quiet beach is among the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Kerala.

The secluded area has preserved its original charm and is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, walking or relaxing in the shade. Comfortable beach chairs and sunshades invite you to unwind. The highlight is the large swimming pool with its stunning sea view. The restaurant also adds to one’s sense of well-being with a variety of traditional Indian dishes and exquisite seafood cuisine. A small library provides hours of enjoyable reading. The resort also offers opportunities for outdoor activities ranging from kayaking to volleyball, football or indoor games like chess and carrom. Various excursion packages invite you to explore places of interest in the surrounding area.

Ayurveda at the Coconut Beach Resort
To offer Ayurveda, the resort works in partnership with the renowned Dr. Franklin’s Panchakarma Institute and Research Centre. The Coconut Bay Resort is known worldwide for the authentic traditional quality of its Ayurvedic programs and was awarded the coveted “Green Leaf” status by the Government of Kerala. This certificate of quality ensures excellence in the area of Ayurveda. In Coconut Bay, the oldest traditional health care system in the world is practiced in the way scholarly healers defined it at the time of the Vedic civilization. The offered services include basic Ayurvedic treatments and cleansing techniques, special treatments & therapies and Ayurvedic courses.

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