Tropical ambience – Beaches – Backwaters – Mountains – Wildlife – Spice gardens – Tea plantations – Culture – Temples – Ayurveda – Yoga – Spirituality – Festivals – Kathakali

Kerala is ideal for adventure trips, in combination with yoga, Ayurveda and the tourist highlights of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The fascinating thing about Kerala, also called “God’s own country” in India, is the multi-faceted scenic beauty. Blue-green water, delightful mountain regions, swinging coconut trees, fertile rice fields and wide beaches offer a varied and relaxing panorama. Kerala is world famous for its numerous lagoons and canals; lined by palms, they crisscross the state and are also known as the ‘backwaters’. A boat ride through the picturesque world of these waterways gives one of the most exciting impressions of South India.

The mountain regions of Kerala captivate with their tropical forests, waterfalls, tea, coffee and spice plantations and species-rich wildlife reserves. You can see elephants and other wild animals in the wild here. The secrets of Indian cuisine are also revealed directly in nature, because Kerala is literally “the land where the pepper grows”. In the numerous spice gardens, pepper, cardamom, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric and pimento are grown.

On the historically important Malabar Coast, where the pulse of Indian life can be felt more than in any other region, many nations have left their mark. Impressive palaces, churches, mosques and a synagogue are signs of a diverse and tolerant culture. The famous Chinese fishing nets, which had already found their way to Kerala in the 13th century, form an atmospheric setting for a sunset on the Arabian Sea.

A special cultural attraction is the spectacular Kathakali dance theater, with characters with elaborately painted faces and colorful costumes that, in a mix of drama, dance, music and rituals, perform episodes of the Hindu epics. The traditional Kalarippayattu, an art of movement with elements from hatha yoga, dance, martial arts and healing arts, is another impressive experience.

Kerala is a world-renowned center of Ayurvedic medicine, that ancient Indian “science of life” which aims at activating the self-healing powers of the body through holistic therapies and massages. Treatment centers in scenic locations invite you to experience the unique regenerating effect of Ayurveda directly in the country of its origin. Inside India recommends excellent treatment centers for ayurvedic treatments and naturopathy, located right by the sea, at the backwaters or in the mountains, forming the perfect ambience for a relaxing Ayurveda cure for every season and every taste.

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