Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

Desert & rocky landscape – Palaces – Forts – Places of pilgrimage – Havelis – Camel markets – Festivals – Camel treks – Wildlife – Rajput culture – Spirituality – Mythology – Hinduism – Jainism – Mughal architecture

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, forts and palaces, is considered a charming region, colorful yet austere, with an atmosphere that embodies the treasures of India in an original way. This historically significant region captivates with the natural colors of the desert, the magnificent landscapes, the exquisite tourist highlights and the traditional festivals. Wide steppe-like landscapes with millet fields and caravans of nomads alternate with bizarre rock formations and sleepy villages where women in colorful dresses still pump water by hand from deep wells.

Anyone traveling to Rajasthan wants to experience the whole kaleidoscope of its exotic splendor and explore the rich cultural heritage that has been shaped by a variety of lifestyles. In the course of thousands of years, Rajasthan’s well-deserved designation as “the land of kings” has come about through the contribution of settlers of the early Harappan culture, Aryan pastoral tribes, archers from the Bhil forest tribe, dynasties of Jain diamond merchants, Muslim artisans and proud aristocratic Rajput warriors.

Of particular interest are the picturesque fortifications, the magical marble palaces, the traditional havelis, the imposing layout of the cities and the impressive sanctuaries. Discover the golden atmosphere of the desert and the enchanting arts and crafts of the Rajput culture. Experience camel markets, desert festivals, wildlife safaris, Kalbelia dances and camel treks, and enjoy the exquisite culinary delights of the region.

Adventure and cultural tours in Rajasthan can combine very well with visits to places of interest in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh, which provides unforgettable insights into the heyday of the Mughal Empire. The famous Taj Mahal, whose lucent white beauty has to be experienced on site, as no photo can do it justice, and the desert city of Fatihpur Sikri, built from red sandstone, are spectacular masterpieces of Mughal architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Festivals in Rajasthan

 Camel Festival, Bikaner  January
 Nagaur Fair, Nagaur  January – February
 Desert Festival, Jaisalmer  January – February
 Elephant Festival, Jaipur  March – April
 Gangaur Fair, Jaipur  March – April
 Mewar Festival, Udaipur  March – April
 Teej Fair, Jaipur  July – August
 Dusshera Fair, Kota  October
 Marwar Festival, Jodhpur  October
 Pushkar Fair, Pushkar  November
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